Spiced Onions Recipe

spiced onions recipe

An essential side or starter to any Indian takeaway (or even added to a cheese toastie)! This super simple spiced onion recipe will have you coming back for more – everytime!

Saag Aloo

vegan saag aloo

🍱 Meal Prep⏳ 30 Minute Meal 🍃 Vegan (animal based options in brackets)I personally used ghee & chicken stock in this recipe ‘cause I can’t help myself 🤣 but it’s a widely respected vegan dish and I wanted to give a nod to the month of Veganuary in some way. Happy with my past self for […]



I fell in love with the saksuka in a local Glasgow restaurant so I set out to recreate it for our gyros nights! It's the perfect tomato element to combine with your creamy yoghurt inside the pitta!I'm using aubergine and peppers in mine, but you can use courgette, onion and any other veg you fancy […]

Honey Orange Roast Carrots & Parsnips

honey roast orange carrots and parsnips

This glaze makes for very tasty Christmas  vegetables 🥕 roasting vegetables instead of boiling them also elevates the flavour so this method is a winning combination! 

Roasted Cauliflower Cheese

cauliflower cheese roast dinner sides

If you like my previous cauliflower cheese recipe then feel free to keep the other ingredients in, but ROAST YOUR CAULIFLOWER FIRST – you won’t regret it! ⁣

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