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Hello!  I’m Lauren – a 34-year-old Mum of 2 who lives in Glasgow, Scotland. This space was created to make it easy for you to browse my recipes, be part of a community, and share in my love of food. Because there is so much to love!

I’ve been cooking from an early age; from learning to make fairy cakes with my Gran to appreciating Scottish smoked salmon at Gleneagles with my Papa. My taste varies from instant noodles (hello Shin Ramen!), Heinz spaghetti & sausages. Right through to French salted butter from George Mewes Cheese in Byers Road and Michelin starred tasting menus at Restaurant Andrew Fairlie.

I was taken out to restaurants a lot when I was younger, which helped introduce me to a wide variety of cuisines. It also helped me to appreciate the work and effort that goes into food preparation and creation. And that’s what it is – creation! I always questioned whether I was ‘creative’ but it turns out you just need to find the thing that makes you passionate.

My Passion

I worked in hospitality for 10 years between the ages of 15 – 25, primarily waitressing and front of house. Primarily in various restaurants across Glasgow. And even when I entered the corporate world, clearly the desire to ensure I do something I’ve now created a ‘hobby’ from I, by sharing my recipes online. 

I adore hosting dinner parties; from making full-blown 3-course meals – to the most boujee antipasti platter you’ve ever seen. One of my favourite spreads was making enough sandwiches to feed 150 people at my Dad’s 60th birthday.  Making people happy through food is one of the best feelings in the world. And by extension, knowing that I’m creating recipes for others to make at home, to share with their friends and family, is extremely special. It was through this love of creating, eating and sharing food that led me to create my pages and start posting recipes online. 

My Community

I’ve developed great friendships through the local food community; both within the food blogger space itself and fabulous relationships with local suppliers, restaurants and beyond. I’m passionate about local produce and source a lot of the food I eat from suppliers in and around Glasgow, e.g. butcher meat from Falleninch Farm, Damn Delicious or Donald Butchers; fresh fish and seafood from Bernard Corrigan Ltd or Bradley’s Fish and fresh fruit & vegetables from The Fresh Fruit Shop in Uddingston.

Want to see your business here? Get in touch with me to discuss. 

Through building these relationships, and in my effort to support the local food community, I now work with a few of these brands on a gifted to promote basis. I believe so strongly in their quality and business ethos that I would be sourcing products from them regardless, so I appreciate their belief in me when it comes to promoting their brand. 

Through the growing success of my Instagram and Tik Tok pages, I’ve also had a pleasure of working with other brands on a paid basis, some of which include: Irn Bru, Aldi, Ooni, Make It Scotch and TEFAL. For more information on these or how you can work with me, please check out my ‘Contact Me’ / Work with Me’ page.

And finally, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for taking the time to read this, browse my recipes and support me. I would appreciate any tags or mentions on my social media pages if you do re-create any of my recipes, as I absolutely adore seeing others enjoy them. 

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