Quick Red Cabbage Slaw (No Mayo)

quick red cabbage slaw for tacos

This quick red cabbage slaw, ready in 5 minutes, makes an excellent side dish for a BBQ or served as the perfect crunchy element in a taco. When making tacos, there are a few elements that are absolutely essential to success. They are: a creamy element, a spicy element, a zingy element and a crunchy […]

Fresh Tomato Salsa (Pico De Gallo)

Fresh Tomato Salsa (Pico De Gallo)

This fresh tomato salsa made from vine tomatoes, a touch of chilli and fragrant coriander (cilantro) is the perfect taco topper, nachos accompaniments or breakfast burrito addition! I made some beef chilli mince nachos for my husband last night and didn’t have any jarred salsa in the house, so I made my own! It couldn’t be […]

How To Make Homemade Sourdough Croutons

homemade sourdough croutons

These simple, quick and easy sourdough croutons will elevate any salad to new heights! I love baking fresh bread (especially with the added benefit of homemade croutons!), but the challenge is eating it all before it goes stale. I’m happy that homemade sourdough doesn’t have any additives in it. But it means you have a […]

Garlic Bread in Airfryer

easy airfryer garlic bread

When I’m making a pasta dish for dinner on the hob, I typically don’t like having to preheat the oven solely to make garlic bread.  Firstly, because it costs so much more to heat and cook garlic bread in the oven.  But secondly, because it takes LONGER. I can whip this easy air fryer garlic […]

Authentic Greek Tzatziki (from a Greek Grandmother!)

authentic greek tzatziki recipe

This authentic greek tzatziki recipe is simple, quick, easy and so delicious (or so I’m told). In case it wasn’t clear from my video on socials. As I didn’t actually state “I don’t like cucumber” at any point – I don’t like cucumber 🤣  I know it’s an integral part of this recipe however, so […]

Spiced Onions (Indian Takeaway Style)

spiced onions recipe

These spiced onions are ready in 5 minutes and are the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. Served atop a crunchy poppadom, they are the perfect accompaniment to curry night. Spiced onions (or Spicy Onions) are a pillar of Glaswegian Indian restaurants and takeaways. Onions are one of my favourite vegetables. So serving them in […]

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