Easy Chicken Pakora Recipe (Gluten Free)

chicken pakora in a wire basket

What good is a fakeaway Indian Feast at home if you don’t have homemade chicken pakora to go with it?! This is going to be one of the best fakeaway items that you’ll ever add to your chicken repertoire. Granted, it’s deep-fried, but it’s high protein so it balances out. And no one ever makes […]

Nandos Red Pepper Dip

Nandos red pepper dip

Roasted red pepper dip, served with warm pitta bread, has to be the perfect healthy snack! I created this recipe because I was craving the original Nando’s Red Pepper Dip, which I ate by the bucket load as a teenager. Although they offer a roasted red pepper and feta option now, this definitely is the […]

South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken Curry

South Indian garlic chilli curry on plate with rice and naan

If you love garlic, chilli and curries then this South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken Curry recipe is the one for you! It’s fragrant, layered and complex with just the perfect hint of spice. Takeaway At Home You’ll find a lot of recipes online saying that you need a ‘base gravy’ for making curries. And that’s […]

Red Pepper Hummus Dip With Toasted Pitta

Quick, easy and great for a snack or even a light dinner 🤗 I absolutely love this recipe; cause it’s got enough flavour and substance to be interesting – even although it’s just pitta & dip. But when is pitta & dip ever really JUST pitta & dip? When it ain’t made by me or @babsglasgow maybe […]

Chicken Chasni

chicken chasni slow cooked version

Fakeaway curry night just became so much simpler! This quick and easy version of Chicken Chasni couldn’t be tastier! It is said that the Chicken Chasni curry originated in Glasgow, but regardless whether that is true or not, it is definitely one of the most popular. It comes in many forms and colours, but the […]

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